8 Reasons Why Batman v Superman Is Going To Be a Success

We are now only less than 2 months away from the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the marketing campaign has gone into full gear. I would like to take your time and try to convince some of you doubters on why Batman v Superman will be a success, both at the Box Office and with the critics.

Here are my 8 reasons why Batman v Superman will be a success:

A classic black and grey Batsuit

– They actually have a comic book-accurate Batsuit that is black and grey – something that i have been wanting ever since Batman (1989).

An Academy Award winning screenwriter

– An Academy Award winning screenwriter in Chris Terrio. All due respect to David S Goyer but i’m glad that Warner Bros brought in Chris to rewrite the script. He showed what he is capable of in Argo. One of my favorite movies for the last 15 years.

Will Afflecks Batman be the most Comicbook-accurat yet?

– Batman actually feels (and acts at it seems) like the comicbook-counterpart. I didn’t feel the detective side of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Nolan-trilogy and his Batman-voice was to over the top for me. They were still fantastic movies though.

The possibility of seeing the Bat-family on the big screen

– We may finally get the entire Bat-family from the comics with a dead Robin (maybe a Red Hood down the line?), Nightwing and possibly even Oracle/Batgirl.

Can we see villains such as Clayface down the road? 

– There are big possibilities that we are going to see more fantastical villains in these new set of DC-films compared to the more grounded and realistic portrayals of classic DC-villains in The Dark Knight Trilogy. We already have Killer Croc and Enchantress (Suicide Squad Villains but still).

A fantastic cast! (BvS-cast to the left)

– A fantastic cast. You can’t deny the stellar cast of this movie: Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Gal Gadot, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams and the list goes on. This mixed with Snyders fantastic comicbook-style of filming and the writing talent of Chris Terrio.


– Ben Affleck is a massive Batman-fan and he knows his stuff. He is even rumored to direct his own stand alone-movie.

Ben Affleck have matured since his early films in the 90’s 

– Ben Affleck is not the same actor he was over 10 years ago, he has like many actors evolved as an actor.

This is just a few of the reasons why i believe Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will crush at the box office and be well received by the fans and critics.

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments down below!

//Markus Mattila


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Top 5: My Most Anticipated Comicbook-Movies Of 2016

2015 has been a fantastic year for comicbook-movies but it seems like 2016 will be even more epic in terms of the sheer amount of big budget movies based on comic book properties. So here is my top 5 list of my most anticipated comic book movies of 2016!


5. Deadpool


This is a dark horse for me because it can go either way (we saw how it turned out last time), but neither the less. We are finally getting a proper R-Rated Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds (Who by the way is born to play this role) playing the merc with the mouth. And with it possibly being part of the X-Men Universe makes it even more anticipated.

4. X-Men: Apocalypse


The X-Men franchise have found it’s grove again after the missteps of X-Men 3: Last Stand and the atrocious X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Both X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past have been fantastic movies in their own rights. But the flaws with those movies is that the X-Men haven’t fought against cosmic and larger than life beings. Apocalypse will change that and we will see him for the first time on the big screen.

3. Captain America: Civil War


This has been on many people’s most anticipated comic book movies of 2016, but the reason why it’s not my top 1 is because there are two other movies that are more anticipated for me. Having said that, this is basically an Avengers movie (with The Hulk and Thor excluded in the rooster) and the core conflict will be between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark were superheroes must stand accountable of what happened in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Steve Rogers doesn’t agree with the government and it sparks a war within the Avengers. Also add the inclusion of Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland) and we will get an action packed superhero-flick!

2. Suicide Squad


This is a make it or break it movie for DC and Warner Bros, this is their first movie in the DCEU after the events of Batman v Superman and with a group of characters that are for the most part unknown for the general audience (with the exception of Batman and The Joker). But my anticipation level for it is sky-high because we are going to see our first big screen representations of Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Katana, Deadshot and many more and with the inclusion of The Joker played by the extremely talented Jared Leto gives this movie big expectations.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


The title of this movie says it all, it is not only about the conflict between Superman and Batman, it is also a semi-prequel to the Justice League movie that will be released in 2017. This is a movie that all comic book fans have been looking forward to for decades. The trinity may have existed for over 75 years but they have never shared the big screen in the same movie. It’s a behemoth of a motion picture and it has a lot of thing going for it: Ben Affleck looks amazing as The Dark Knight, Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Warrior and Henry Cavill reprising his role as the last son of Krypton, Jason Momoa as Aquaman: The King of Atlantis , a fantastic screenwriter in Chris Terrio and a visual director in Zack Snyder.

This is not only my most anticipated comic book movie of 2016: 

It is my most anticipated movie  of all time. 

//Markus Mattila


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Editorial: No, The Batman v Superman Trailer didn’t show to much

Around a week ago, a new trailer for the uppcoming Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice released together with Jimmey Kimmel (seriously what is it with him and getting every big trailer?…  anyway).. The reactions of it, is split to say the least. Some loved it, others says it ruined the whole movie.

The trailer is just basically the synopsis in action. How people that follow this movie says that they spoil everything in the movie (which it clearly does not) when they have read the synopsis is a headscratcher! The only thing that the trailer spoiled is Doomsday. And is that really something to be spoiled at the moment, with all the reports that has been done for months?

There is still tons of question that hasn’t been answered.

1. Where is Aquaman? (Which is confirmed to have a cameo with Jason Momoa playing him)
2. Who is Jena Malone playing (is she even in this movie)?
3. Who is Scoot McNairy playing?
4. Why is Wonder Woman there (she is in the party for instance that is shown in the start of the trailer, she isn’t just magically appearing at the fight)
5. Where is Vic Stone? Will he become Cyborg in this?
6. What about the bandage on Lex hand?
7. When and how will he become bald?
8. Will we see the mechsuit for instance?
9. Why the *beep* is Superman behind him when he says “The Devil will do it”?
10. How will they fight Doomsday?
11. Will Doomsday kill Superman in this? And if so, will Superman come back in the same movie?
12. Is Flash going to have a cameo, and if so where is he?
13. WTF happend to Wayne Manner?
14. Is Aquaman causing the flood?

I could go on.

Avengers Trailer 2, Avengers Age of Ultron trailer 2 (and 3) and Winter Soldier trailer 2 spoiled a  ton of stuff as well. You see several big moneyshots in the Avenger trailer 2. You see the end fight in Avegers Age of Ultron trailer (as well as the big fight between hulk and iron man which is the best part of the movie), you see every big action scene AND Winter soldiers face in the Winter Solider trailer 2. And no one seems to complain about that… Not to mention the Star wars the force awakens poster which spoiled a certain famous plot device that every Star Wars fans is familiar with.

But then again, fans no matter what fan-base seems to have selective memory and only remember what they want to remember.

If you don’t believe me, check the links below

I just like the line that’s all.




If there is something i agree on however, then it is the fact that it is a bit clunky edited in the end (it could just have ended with the roar our the bodyshot of Doomsday and it would been perfectly fine), if you really think about this trailer was for the casuals. The housewife’s, the grandparents. Everyone that is not in to comicbooks like we sweaty nerds are. The one’s that is the majority of moviegoers and has questioned why are they fighting because they are both meant to be good guys and haven’t want to see this because of that sheer fact. The classic “Superman could just kill him in one sec so what’s the point” argument.

I think Armin from Comicbookcast on Youtube said it the best.  In a way, DC was the one that needed to show the cards so to say, because unlike the Captain America Civil War trailer (that obviously had a ton of moneyshots as well) this trailer is the one that will be analyzed to pieces.

In cause you’re a one that shouting
“Batman never uses a gun”

It was basically… If you give us you’re money you will get this and this and this… And if they had shown to little, the same people had said… They are not showing enough… they are scared about the movie like Fox was with fantastic four (which basically had the same trailers all over all the time with some of the footage not even in the movie) It was a dammed if you do dammed if you don’t. And if they hadn’t shown Lex and Doomsday, they would also been accused for false marketing by the same fans that claims that they show to much.

Editorial: Why I Think Naruto Is a Bad Move By Lionsgate

In case you have missed it, Lionsgate have anounced that they are going to make a live action-version of the anime/manga Naruto. Many have questioned this, calling it a bad move by Lionsgate; they have cited the risk that this movie becomes another Dragon Ball Evolution or Last Airbender. Honestly, I agree. Still, I don’t, like some other, think that the problem is the sheer scope of the material that they would have to work with

The problem is, rather, the tone and style of the series. Naruto takes place in a fairly stereotypically japanese ”world”, such as that which can be seen in many asian movies. That means, for one thing, that many asian actors would be required to fill out the roles. Other than this, the style of the anime is such, taking the behavior, philosophy and more, that a regular ”american” production may not work out entirely. An live action Naruto done right, should be something in the vein of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which i highly doubt Lionsgate will do. For this reason, I would rather see a Japanese studios take on the task than Lionsgate.

Acording to John Campea from Colider, Warner Brothers have long considered adapting the anime/manga series Akira. To make it take place in the USA but still remain faithful to the original, they have decided that San Fransisco is to be ”New Tokyo”. You can propably guess what I fear that Lionsgate will do to Naruto just to cut the budget somewhat, and to put it mildly, it wouldn’t be optimal.

Would something like this work in western grounded in reality movie culture?

Still, just because Naruto may not work out as a live action-adaption, it doesn’t mean that animes in general couldn’t work that way. For example, Edge of Tommorrow came out last year, based upon a manga called All you need is kill. This manga is a bit more ”ethnically neutral” in its style, for example considering the characters, the world it took place in and so on (This is what I have heard anyway. If I am misinformed, I would be grateful for some comments).

Japanese architecture as i said

So what mangas or animes would worke better on the big screen? One series that comes to my mind is Full Metal Alchemist. The reason for this is just what I wrote about above; the overall tone, characters and the world the film takes place in is simply more fitting.

The series takes place in what architectonically looks like 19th century European style. The behavior of the characters, the philosophy and simply everything that makes
Naruto unfitting for a ”western” film production is simply not there. Instead, it would work well with a more ”western” type of film production and direction. It could work out in the same way that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen did if it was made right (A sidetrack: If you can get hold of the comic book, I warmly recommend reading it).

Old european architecture as  i said

Alchemy written right, could be done as technology

Again, for you who consider the scope of the material to be a problem: remember such book-based movies as Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

In conclusion: The problem with Lionsgate’s adaption of Naruto will not be the scope of the material, but rather the tone of the series in itself. Despite this, I can understand if they wish to go for it, since the series is so popular. The only thing we can do now is to hope for an okay adaption. Considering such films as Dragon Ball Evolution, The Last Airbender and Avi Arad (a producer, who accoring to many has gone quite mad in recent years), I do not have much hope.

Source – http://variety.com/2015/film/news/lionsgate-naruto-movie-micahel-gracey-1201554281/

Editorial: Why the failure of Fantastic Four is not a victory as fans claims

Yes, you read the title right (insert your angry comments below). The failure is not a victory for the Comicbook movie genre, or the viewers of that specific genre, and I am here to tell you why.

The relationship between Fox and MarvelMany claim the best thing Fox could do is either just give the rights back to Marvel or make a deal simular deal to what Sony did, after the failure of The Amazing Spiderman 2. I have some bad news for you if you are one of those people. If you think that way, you are either very naive, or don’t have much knowledge about the whole situation.

Unlike Sony, the relationship between Fox and Marvel is far from good. The  bad blood started when Marvel wanted to let them extend the Daredevil rights, in exchange for Galactus and Silver Surfer, If you want to read about Marvel wanting to do this trade you have a link to it here – http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Fox-Doesn-t-Want-Give-Up-Galactus-Marvel-Studios-Get-Daredevil-Back-32338.html

ladda ned (3)
Further more, last year a controversial comic of the marvel charachter The Punisher came out. Why did it end up as  a controversial comic? Well, Marvel apparently wanted to show the fans that they did not want to be a part of this incarnation of their first family. To show that they had the cast blown up in the controversial issue of Punisher. The comic strip that you see  above is from that issue of Punisher.

If you need further proof of the bad blood between Fox I need to ask you this. There was Spiderman merchandise even when Spidey was not avaible to have in the MCU. Where is the merchandise for The X-men movies?

Speaking of Marvel’s mutants, down in 2003, there was a lawsuit going on between Marvel Comics and Fox that is called the Mutant X lawsuit. This certain lawsuit is something that is said to be nothing good to the already bad blood between them

You have an article here if you are intrested in reading more about the topic.

The finacial status of Fox
Fox fiancial status, is far from that which Sony has. Last year 20 Century Fox broke boxoffice record (which is now broken by Unverisal, do to Jurassic World and Furious Seven) 

Last year Rupert Murdock tried to buy Time Warner for about 80 billion dollars, so that Fox could expand as a company.  Something like that would never be possible if they were in finacial trouble.

If you are intrested about that story I have a link for you here:

Sony, on the other hand, did not go so well when the deal was made, and far as i know, they are not doing so well even at this moment http://gaminrealm.com/2013/12/30/sony-79-chance-bankrupt-2-years/

Let me ask you a question: What good would it serve to give up the rights of Fantastic Four, even if it is damaged goods? The only thing that would happen is that one of their biggest rivals at the cinema would get their hands on another IP and they gain nothing in return.

Doue to the bad blood that they have between them, a similar deal like the one they have with Sony will never happen.  The whole scenario would just end up like a to many cooks in one kitchen scenario, fighting over how the deal would end up as well how the character should be handle.

Having them sell it is something I would rather not see happening, since they would just get a one time income, while Marvel would get something they can earn money of more than once.

Is there any chances for Fantastic Four to come home?
To answer the question simply: Yes, there is. The first possible scenario is the most obvious one. That is that Fox don’t manage to get the either a sequel (although with how bashed their recent try is, it would suprise me if a sequel would be made) or reboot before the timestamp that their license has. The timestamp of that contract is seven years. So if their next attempt does not get off the ground until it’s to late, Marvel will have the IP of Fantastic Four, as well as the villains and everything that comes with them in 2022.

However, I do think that there is one chance of get for Marvel to get the rights earlier. The same day that Fantastic Four arrived at cinema, a person from Fox confirmed that they had plans of doing a TV-show that would be connected to their X-men universe. There is a catch to that, however. Marvel needs to get their approval if Fox will be able to greenlight it. 

Here is the other chance i was talking about. If Fox really wants to do this X-men TV show and perhaps think that they would earn more from it, then they would do with the Fantastic Four IP I could see them make a trade. But that is the only other possiblity I could se happen.  If you want to read more about the X-men TV show click this link: http://comicbook.com/2015/08/06/x-men-tv-series-confirmed-in-the-works-at-fox/

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see The Fantastic Four IP back at  Marvel as much as you do, but it is not as easy as you think

A dud is not good for the CBM genre
You thought that the article was going to end after that paragraf? Well, I have one last thing to point out. Before this movie came out, I heard people talk about that they wanted this specific incarnation of Marvel’s first family to fail at the box office. Why? Because they wanted it to bomb so it could go back to Marvel, and as we all know by now, it does not really work that way.

There has been talk for years about when the era of the comic book movies will end. Some said that it would end before Batman Begins, other would say that it would end after The Avengers. But right now it looks like Comic book movies are here to stay. 

However, there is something that can stop it. And that is bad comicbook movies. And how do you think a comic book movie that is said to be the worst genre ever (even worse then cbms like Batman & Robin, Steel, or Spirit) will do for this era?  One dud will not kill the comicbookgenre.  But remeber this is the second dud in two years, the first being The Amazing Spiderman 2 even if it was not as panned.

If we get one more dud, who knows?. Perhaps it kills the cbm era, perhaps not. So you who celebrate the failure of Fantastic Four should perhaps think the situation over and hope for the best for every comic book movie, no matter the studio doing it.

That was all from me, for this time. Hope you enjoyed the read and have a good day.