Review Time: Spawn (1997)


When the Mercenary Al Simmons (Michael Jai White) is betrayed and murdered, he comes back to life, as a soldier of the devil. Later on, he discovers something that forces him to make a choice between heaven or hell.

So, what is the story like? It is a revenge story like The Crow, but containing some of the madness of Beetlejuice. Sometimes, it does have me hooked, but other times scenes felt either rushed or entirely pointless. However, I would like to point out that I loved the dark atmosphere that the movie managed to create.

The effects are somewhat like the movie on its whole. Some of them are fair for when the film was made, while others feel dated even for that time. The acting in this movie is acceptable, except for John Leguizamo. Leguizamo’s acting is too much over the top (reminiscient of Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending) to be taken seriously in a movie like this.

I would recommend this movie to someone who is looking for a film like The Crow but containing more colorful (literally speaking!) characters. I’m glad I watched this film, but it remains to be seen wether I will ever do so again.

I give Spawn a 5/10

//Isak Wolff


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