BREAKING: Amber Heard In Talks For The Role As Mera In Aquaman And Justice League: Part 1


The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that actress Amber Heard is in talks to star in the upcoming Aquaman movie as Arthur Curry’s love interest Mera.

“Amber Heard is in negotiations to join Warner Bros.’s DC Universe.

If a deal makes, Heard will star opposite Jason Momoa as the female lead in Aquaman, several sources tellThe Hollywood Reporter.

She will make her appearance first in Justice League, the movie that introduces various characters and story threads to fully launch the cinematic universe based on the DC Entertainment characters.

Heard will play Mera, the love interest of Aquaman and eventual queen of Atlantis. First appearing in 1963, the character’s powers include the ability to control and even solidify water.”

There are also rumors that she will pop up in Justice League: Part 1 due to release in 2017.

She has previously starred in films such as: Magic Mike XXL, Pineapple Express and The Danish Girl.

//Markus Mattila 


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More Aquaman-details revealed in Suicide Squad!


More details from the leak about Aquaman and Flash have been brought into the light. According to Heroic Hollywood Amanda Waller will be conducting experiments and tests on Aquaman and a big member of the Suicide Squad:

Here is the inside scoop…

Aquaman is being held prisoner by Amanda Waller and is being studied and tested on.

How did Aquaman get caught in the first place? Check out this very cool bit.

He was captured after he fought a mutated shark who is being held in the same prison as he is.

A mutated shark?

It’s referred to as the King of Sharks

Yes, folks…

King Shark! 


If these news are correct i will be really delighted. I liked his role in the animated movie Assault on Arkham. Then again as my other story about Batman v Superman: This is not confirmed by Warner Bros or any from the production.

Suicide Squad will have theatrical premiere the 4th of August 2016 and stars Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as The Joker, Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.