Breaking: Releasedates For Wonder Woman & Justice League: Part 1 Released!

Photo: Warner Bros

With DC’s impressive 30 minute special dedicated to the future of the DC Extended Universe we now have the official release dates for next year’s superhero-flicks from Warner Bros and DC Entertainment.

Wonder Woman will be released June 23, 2017 and Justice League: Part 1 will hit theaters November 17, 2017. It will be an awesome year for DC- and Comicbook-fans.

(Via Deadline)

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Editorial: No, The Batman v Superman Trailer didn’t show to much

Around a week ago, a new trailer for the uppcoming Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice released together with Jimmey Kimmel (seriously what is it with him and getting every big trailer?…  anyway).. The reactions of it, is split to say the least. Some loved it, others says it ruined the whole movie.

The trailer is just basically the synopsis in action. How people that follow this movie says that they spoil everything in the movie (which it clearly does not) when they have read the synopsis is a headscratcher! The only thing that the trailer spoiled is Doomsday. And is that really something to be spoiled at the moment, with all the reports that has been done for months?

There is still tons of question that hasn’t been answered.

1. Where is Aquaman? (Which is confirmed to have a cameo with Jason Momoa playing him)
2. Who is Jena Malone playing (is she even in this movie)?
3. Who is Scoot McNairy playing?
4. Why is Wonder Woman there (she is in the party for instance that is shown in the start of the trailer, she isn’t just magically appearing at the fight)
5. Where is Vic Stone? Will he become Cyborg in this?
6. What about the bandage on Lex hand?
7. When and how will he become bald?
8. Will we see the mechsuit for instance?
9. Why the *beep* is Superman behind him when he says “The Devil will do it”?
10. How will they fight Doomsday?
11. Will Doomsday kill Superman in this? And if so, will Superman come back in the same movie?
12. Is Flash going to have a cameo, and if so where is he?
13. WTF happend to Wayne Manner?
14. Is Aquaman causing the flood?

I could go on.

Avengers Trailer 2, Avengers Age of Ultron trailer 2 (and 3) and Winter Soldier trailer 2 spoiled a  ton of stuff as well. You see several big moneyshots in the Avenger trailer 2. You see the end fight in Avegers Age of Ultron trailer (as well as the big fight between hulk and iron man which is the best part of the movie), you see every big action scene AND Winter soldiers face in the Winter Solider trailer 2. And no one seems to complain about that… Not to mention the Star wars the force awakens poster which spoiled a certain famous plot device that every Star Wars fans is familiar with.

But then again, fans no matter what fan-base seems to have selective memory and only remember what they want to remember.

If you don’t believe me, check the links below

I just like the line that’s all.

If there is something i agree on however, then it is the fact that it is a bit clunky edited in the end (it could just have ended with the roar our the bodyshot of Doomsday and it would been perfectly fine), if you really think about this trailer was for the casuals. The housewife’s, the grandparents. Everyone that is not in to comicbooks like we sweaty nerds are. The one’s that is the majority of moviegoers and has questioned why are they fighting because they are both meant to be good guys and haven’t want to see this because of that sheer fact. The classic “Superman could just kill him in one sec so what’s the point” argument.

I think Armin from Comicbookcast on Youtube said it the best.  In a way, DC was the one that needed to show the cards so to say, because unlike the Captain America Civil War trailer (that obviously had a ton of moneyshots as well) this trailer is the one that will be analyzed to pieces.

In cause you’re a one that shouting
“Batman never uses a gun”

It was basically… If you give us you’re money you will get this and this and this… And if they had shown to little, the same people had said… They are not showing enough… they are scared about the movie like Fox was with fantastic four (which basically had the same trailers all over all the time with some of the footage not even in the movie) It was a dammed if you do dammed if you don’t. And if they hadn’t shown Lex and Doomsday, they would also been accused for false marketing by the same fans that claims that they show to much.

Breaking: Cartoon Network Is Confirming A New Animated Justice League TV-Show

D9GX7Cs-e601f (1)

There was an image circulating on the internet that is from the HQ of Warner Bros which suggested that WB and Cartoon Network had a new Justice League cartoon in the works that’s called “JLA” for short.

It now seems like it was true, because Cartoon Network have now confirmed this rumor:

“Taking a break from our regular site updates, The World’s Finest has an update on an upcoming animated project based on DC Comics characters. When asked about a possible upcoming new animated Justice League series, a representative for Cartoon Network Canada told The World’s Finest the following:


Animated shows tend to premiere on Cartoon Network Canada within the same rough time-frame as its U.S. counterpart, though usually after, so it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing a new Justice League animated series – likely the much-buzzed about and allegedly titled Justice League Action – no later than Fall 2016. This response is another confirmation, this time from a network, that a new Justice League series is on the way.”

If this is the case will we get some footage maybe at the end of this year? And what direction will it take?

Will it be the more serious approach like with Justice League: Unlimited? Or will it be more comedic like Teen Titans?

Time will tell.

Warner Bros have not yet made a statement.

//Markus Mattila


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Dates for Justice League & Wonder Woman Filming Confirmed


There have been a lot of news coming out from the big Batman v Superman-article in Empire Magazine, and we are getting more information about both Justice League: Part 1 and Wonder Woman for a planned 2017 release.

Logistically it is staggering. As Batman V Superman gains its coat of special effects, and the various stages of editing, scoring, grading and sound mixing are completed, Deborah Snyder, along with Roven, is watching over a sandbox that stretches around the world.Jenkins is in London prepping Wonder Woman, which will shoot there this autumn. Suicide Squad, already well underway in Toronto under the earthy gaze of Ayer, will shoot through to September. “I do watch the dailies,” she promises, enthusing about the film’s “street quality.” They are already doing soft prep for the Justice League, which will begin shooting in the spring, and overseeing the script for Aquaman, which James Wan will direct. – Empire Magazine

So now we know that the first Justice League movie will start shooting in the spring of 2016 and the production of Wonder Woman will start this fall.

This means that the internet will be full of leaked setphotos from the production of Wonder Woman. It’s so exciting that the DCEU now is taking shape.

//Markus Mattila


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Rumors: Green Lantern Reboot To Focus On Multiple Lanterns And Chris Pine Is Playing Hal Jordan


Remember all the reports that was floating around that Star Trek-actor Chris Pine had been cast as Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor?

Well now it seems that those reports where pure speculation and that he actually is targeting the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. This is what Latino Review had to say:

The cool thing (in retrospect) is that it looks like WB was Kahning us JJ Abrams style with the rumor that Chris Pine was in negotiations to play Princess Diana’s love interest Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman. Pine was rumored to be a candidate for Hal Jordan way back when we realized Ryan Reynolds would never float in a green suit again, and the rumors of Pine circling Wonder Woman were actually Pine closing in on the role of Hal Jordan.

Chris Pine has for many fans been considered the best choice to play Hal Jordan thanks to his portrayal of James T Kirk on Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness.


The same article also suggests that the new GL-reboot will focus on two or three Green Lanterns from Earth: Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner/Guy Gardner. It’s an interesting approach and it will separate itself from the disappointing Green Lantern from 2011. It can be pleasant “buddy cops in space” movie.

Can we hope that every Justice League member will appear at Warner Bros Comic-Con panel in San Diego later in July?


Flash and Aquaman cameos explained! (Spoilers)

Possible spoilers ahead!
Possible spoilers ahead!

According to Heroic Hollywood there will be scenes involving The Flash, we already knew that Aquaman is present in this film, but now we potentially know what we can expect:

In the movie, there is a scene where Batman breaks deep into Lexcorp/Cadmus and manages to hack into the Lexcorp computers. Batman brings up surveillance footage on the monitors which shows the following:

This certainly sounds intriguing. But then again.

As of right now – this is a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released the 25th of March 2016 which stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth!